I wish idols in the UK was a thing *sigh* ( ; n  ;  )/ xo

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GEO Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Lenses <3 Dolly eyes

I hope 2013 was everything you wished it to be, and you managed to achieve your goals. If it didn’t meet your expectations, then lets try super hard this year to do so! Nothing is impossible! xo

Spread Shirt Shop Opening Soon!

Hello chubby poof bunnies!

I am opening a Spread Shirt shop very soon, I have decided to name it Sweet Teatime Ltd! I think this cute name is very fitting for the kawaii designs that will be featured there. I have already designed two images, however I need to clean them up on Photoshop. I cannot wait to launch this, I am very excited to see how it’ll turn out. I have another Tumblr blog in which I will dedicate fully to the store, but I thought I should announce it’s birth here too!  (o´ω`o)

Love and sparkles,

Megan Nyan x

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